Linux patch for adding GNU as ( the assembler ) coloring to Code::Blocks. Works for Code::Blocks 13.12-1 &  svn9857, should work for intermediate versions. You have to build C::B.

Instructions for C::B 13.12-1

1) Go to a directory

2) Download codeblocks_13.12-1.tar.gz from this page in the directory.

3) Download patch from this page ( dont use wget, that doesnt work with MediaFire ) in the directory.

4) Now :

$ cat codeblocks_13.12-1.tar.gz | gunzip | tar -x
$ cat slg-cb-installer.tar.bz2 | bunzip2 | tar -x
$ ./slg-cb-installer/slg-cb-installer.bash $(pwd)/codeblocks-13.12 $(pwd)
$ cd codeblocks-13.12
$ ./bootstrap && ./configure --with-contrib-plugins=all && make
$ su
# make install
# ldconfig
# exit

* I experienced some strange problems due to cohabitation between the 2 C::B versions in /usr and /usr/local.
Ensure /usr/local paths are searched before others by ld.
Ensure you have done a ldconfig.
Anyway, I will propose my lexer to the Scintilla/Scite team soon.

* You may have to install some (many) developpement packages at ./configure step

* This will install patched C::B in /usr/local/

* It can make your current C::B install unusable depending on :
        - if you use a svn version that is too much distant from 13.12-1
        - your ld.so configuration

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